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Selasa, 09 Februari 2010

Prulalisme, Cultural Draft or Norm Abstract Of Religion

Prulalisme, Cultural Draft Or Norm Abstract Of Religion

I wondered, that is not bit of few identical people of Islams with hardness religion. how can things that way allow in Islam. Because Islam born exactly to break hardness ideology in whatever form. A lot of firman God SWT in Al-quran proving that. We will study later one by one.

And so it is with prulalisme is latter often sound off. According to my ideology prulalisme growing present is prulalisme bearing to high appreciation at culture value. Aspect basing just on cultural aspect. So the affirm that prulalisme like that staying in culture theory and assumption scope is not religion. Is the fault? not be wrong, if things that way comprehended as part of humanism aspect. The weakness is exactly stay at sectoral gyration and partikular which inhern on value of culture of itself. Teaching cultural which assumed by is exaltus a[n place, not yet of course apply in other place. The the difference with Islam which ' blessing lil allamin". ( affection for all universe dweller) Islam which constituted at belief in God concept which orisinil, is core of normatif from prulalisme itself. This thing undoubtedly existence of difference of sectoral variation included culture. This model belief in God also esteem colour difference of humanity attribute, difference of opinion and others which inclusion at part of humanism. Then what which coalesce and all sit side by side in an equality? He is spiritulitity on the each the religion. The problem is now religion have been trapped, besieged and apologized to become an with importance of industrial of itself which estuary at capitalization or part of capitalism ideology.

Religion in this time like have lost “ruh” the original is namely spiritualitity orisinil becoming supporting facilities for unifier between all religions on this earth. What actually concept prulalisme in Islam ? We will study is the next under consideration which more detail.....