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Meaning of YAKDI Logo

Friday, 02 April 2010

Philosophy behind YAKDI Logo(Yayasan Akhlaqul Karimah Darul Iman)

Below are the philosophy behind the YAKDI Logo:

1. Allah and Muhammad

The symbol of Allah and muhammad mean as the destination of all people and all living beings in the universe.

As for the people, it is a statement for the existence of Allah and Muhammad integrally and comprehensively during their activities, including is universal harmony as a sign of Allah the Great which are reflecting the perfections. The ultimate faith and nothing higher than this.

2. Symbol of Heart

The place where light of Allah and light of Muhammad laying inside of human being.

3. Circle divided in 7 parts

The number of 7 symbolizing the truth of God words, such as 7 layers of heavens, 7 layers of earth. So as the days within a week which is nothing more than 7 numbers.

4. Main Shaft

The shaft is symbolizing brotherhood and unity, the shaft is a linking media to strongly bundle humanity from all over the world.

5. Six Feet : ( as seen only 5 from front view)

The 6 feet symbolizing the faith to God the Almighty, The Omnipotent of universe. Detail of this was explained in the Harmony of faith. All of human activities in their life, physically or spiritually (maa jahara minha wamaa bathan) become part of a worship towards Allah swt, only under the condition that those activities were based on faith.

6. Base Color of Red and White

It symbolizes of human characteristics, one of God's creatures who has advantages amongst the others, which flows in their bodies haemoglobin (red blood cells) and leukocyte (white blood cells).