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Monday, 24 January 2011


Due to many request of healing any kind of diseass to Darul Iman forum from the public, then Yayasan Akhlaqul Karimah Darul Iman, announce for these points below:

1. Healing service for any kind of disease by Darul Iman forum (called as forum), had been started since 1962 when the forum was formed. Since that time, the forum was never attempt to create any kind of commercial healing to our patient, we only asked the patient to repent to their God.

2. The therapy will have method which based on the spiritual islamic system (SIS) through the Tauhid practising of SYAHADAH, ISTIGHFAAR and SHOLAWAH (SIS). With full of believe, sincere and submission to Allah swt, believe that healing is a gift only from Allah upon their repentance. This is align with His words that Allah pleased to His servants who do repentance.

3. Patient will be guided to always do self-introspection (muhasabah), to find hikmah behind any unfortunates, so then their faith toward the Creator will increase. Patient will be pushed to be less dependent on any creatures, including dependency to the therapist itself.

4. With any kind of reasons, the forum will not allowing healing method by sacrificing any thing else or by sacrificing any creatures. Our healing method is very different with shamanism, occult, shirk, or any kind of practices which area against Syariah.

5. Although we had been visited by so many patients, this forum will never turn into a healing institution, because healing service is only one of many programs which is already under going so far. Involvement of this forum in healing service is part of our activity in relation with spirituality and nationality, in expecting pleased from Allah the Omnipresent, also as our efforts in fulfilling messages from the ancestors, seniors and founders of Indonesian Republic.

6. Realizing the current condition of this country which is falling in a bad situation, caused by our own people behaviors, the forum hailed to our society to be patient, sincere to spread goodness and habituating our self to do dhikr of 'Kalimosodo' (for muslims) which are Shahadah, Istighfar and Sholawah. Doing this truely with all of the consequences as a believer, will evetually releasing this country from Allah punishments.

Those are the announcements from our forum. Thank you.

Forum Management
Yayasan Akhlaqul Karimah Darul Iman Indonesia