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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Man-made Religion Is Invalid

Man on these days are really weird, they create a new religion that is unimaginable previously. There's even a ridiculous and laughable, like for example, there are some people in the United Kingdom who made football as a new religion. Their reason is because in football nearly the whole aspects of human life can be reflected in it. Such as the state of sad and happy, hope and despair, joy, cries, and every other things are reflected inside the football stadium. Not only that, the hope and the destiny referee decision, the ideals and the reality of the goals chance, rewards and punishments, chants and pride costumes, and so on that almost of all aspects of human life are reflected in a football field. Hmmm, what a pity is the people now.

In addition, there are still a few more new man-made religions, such as the Rastafarianism religion in Jamaica who are convinced that the former Emperor of Ethiopia, Haile Selassie I is the Lord who reigns in the world. In Japan, there is a new religion called Happy Science, founded by Ryuho Okawa. And then a former race car driver from France named Claude Vorilhons was also founded a new religion called Raelisme after he claimed to be abducted by aliens. In Indonesia itself we know the House of Eden pioneered by Lia Eden which may be categorized as a new religion too.

Well, from the whole of the new religions above, then we can draw one thing in common, namely that they don't admit and accept God Almighty. In addition, the new religions also do not have holy books that contain the word of God. Because of those two important factirs, then according to our guru all of these new religions are not valid. All man-made religion is not valid.

New man-made religions in fact is making this up from something does not exist, as the ancient people were worshiping to idols. Then, later in the afterlife, Allah swt will challenge them to call their artificial idols to save them from danger.

قُلِ ادْعُوا الَّذِينَ زَعَمْتُمْ مِنْ دُونِهِ فَلَا يَمْلِكُونَ كَشْفَ الضُّرِّ عَنْكُمْ وَلَا تَحْوِيلًا
"Say, ‘Invoke those you have claimed [as gods] besides Him, for they do not possess the [ability for] removal of adversity from you or [for its] transfer [to someone else]." (QS 17:56)

Then next, how is the position of culture in the teaching of religion, particularly Islam? Islam strongly uphold culture, especially cultures which are not certainly degrading mankind and not associating God with anything else. For example, a culture of celebrating aqiqah, i.e. when a baby is born. This culture was already exist in Arab lands before Islam existed. In the ceremony, originally was a newborn baby will be bathed with the blood of the sacrificial animal.

After Islam was born, then by the Prophet Muhammad he enhanced the aqiqah culture. Cutting animal sacrifices like camels is still allowed but the ceremonial of bathing the baby with animal blood is removed.

لَنْ يَنَالَ اللَّهَ لُحُومُهَا وَلَا دِمَاؤُهَا وَلَٰكِنْ يَنَالُهُ التَّقْوَىٰ مِنْكُمْ ۚ كَذَٰلِكَ سَخَّرَهَا لَكُمْ لِتُكَبِّرُوا اللَّهَ
عَلَىٰ مَا هَدَاكُمْ ۗ وَبَشِّرِ الْمُحْسِنِينَ

"Their meat will not reach Allah, nor will their blood, but what reaches Him is piety from you. Thus have We subjected them to you that you may glorify Allah for that [to] which He has guided you; and give good tidings to the doers of good." (QS 22:37)

So that was how Islamic teachings does perfecting the culture, so that people will live in happiness and well-being. Cultural values which are noble and sublime as well as building civilization in society can be preserved. But, cultural values which are nobleless, distorted and potentially hindering the progress of the civilization will be enhanced and replaced with something better.

Although Islam respects the values of the culture, but the culture itself is not a religion. The culture has no holy book, no Prophet or apostle who gave it and is not a result of the oracles of God. Therefore, then culture is not a religion and could not be compared with religion.

Kepercayaan in Javanese is the results and the product of Javanese culture. Therefore, the Kepercayaan should not be considered as a religion, or categorized aligned with religion. Because it does not meet the requirements for categorizing as a religion, and it is a man-made product.

An attempt to put in the Kepercayaan into the same category as religion would cause confusion and anxiety in our community. Same as the case if we try to to put in new man-made religions to our country, of course this will rise up a social unease and friction against the social order that was already well arranged.

Similarly, within the nation which our country based on the divinity of the one true God, then confusion will occur when we put in other concepts such as atheism or new man-made religions. This, of course, will lead to a discomfort and a disharmony within the community and our nation.

So, once again, what had been already formulated by our predecessor and founder of this country actually was most fitted and most appropriate for the wholeness and harmony of this nation. Changing it or adding it with new concepts or new religious doctrine which is inconsistent with the divinity of the one true God will lead to social anxiety and disturbing the peace of the country. Thus are the main contents of the message from our guru in order to make this nation to be prosperous and peaceful because the people are in faithful to God Almighty. (AK/ST)

Posted by YAKDI (Foundation of AKHLAQUL KARIMAH DARUL IMAN) in INDONESIA at 23.47