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Healing Service by Pak Abdulrachman Putra (Pak Abe)

Foundation of Akhlaqul Karimah Darul Iman provides free healing service to public. If you are interrested to get this healing service, you may contact Pak Abdulrachman Putra (Pak Abe) directly.

How is the method of our Healing Service ?

We do believe that essentially any kind of medicine, herbal or therapy are not the one who can heal some one from disease, but we do believe that only Allah swt who can heal some one from disease. Any kind of medicine, herbal and therapy are only human endeavours which can not bring healing without permission from Allah swt.

We will prove such method is the right and true way during the healing process, this is also the most powerful method we found so far.

How to contact us ?

You may contact Pak Abdulrachman Putra (Pak Abe)

Telp. or WA +62 821-1174-6666

Email: abdulrachmanputra@gmail.com

or you may fill this form below to contact Pak Abdulrachman Putra (Pak Abe).